FK 710

"FK 710 is an embedded facial recognition system with leading ?Dual Sensor?? Facial Recognition Algorithm, which applied for time attendance and access control application. Its classic slope design is good for commercial market like Enterprise, Bank, building automation and so on.

? F710
Processor TI DM CPU 600MHz
User Capacity 1000 Users 1:N Matching, 1,000 Users 1:1 Matching
Record Capacity 150,000 Records
Recognition Algorithm Dual Sensor? V3.0
Sensor Specialized double sensor
Card Recognition Standard EM,Optional Mifare
Authentication Method Face,ID+Face,Card+Face,Card,Card+Photo
Authentication Speed Less than 1 Second (500 Users) on 1:N Matching
Communication Method Standard TCP/IP
USB Host
Attendance Workcode、Daylight saving
Date Management User-inquiry、Auto-uploading
Security Image Capacity 4GB SD Card 70,000 Images
Security Alarm Tamper Alarm
Access Control Built-in relay
Wiegand in&out User-defined format output 26/34
Keyboard 4*4 Touch Keypad
LCD 3.5 inch TFT Color Screen, 65,000 Bright Color,
320*240 Resolution
Power 12V DC
Working Distance 30cm-80cm
Working Temperature 0℃-40℃
Working Humidity 20% - 80%
Size 200*95*115mm
Weight 505g
Certification CE FCC Class A ROHS